Line will give a handful of residents, businesses access to modern sewer services

Construction started Wednesday on a project that will begin linking South Taft to a public sewer system.
Crews are going to install a main that will offer connections to a handful of homes and a couple of businesses in an area immediately adjacent to the city.
The pilot project is going to cost about $835,000.
Funding for the project was approved by the Kern County Board of Supervisors last year at the request of Fourth District Supervisor David Couch.
It will serve an area including parts of Shattuck Avenue, Asher Avenue, Asher Way, Pico Street, and Crystal Street which are bounded by Wood Street on the south and part of Oak Street.
Property owners in the area have supported annexation into the Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District. Sewage will flow from the 8-inch main being connected to a Taft City sewage line that flows to the wastewater treatment plant on Airport Road, which is jointly operated by the city and the Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District.
This will be the first opportunity for Taft Heights residents to get off septic systems and connect with a modern sewage system.
The former owner of all the land in South Taft, Jameson Trust, declined to join the Ford City Taft Heights Sanitation District when it was formed and no sewer system was ever installed there.
Instead, homes and businesses rely on septic systems, which in some cases, county officials say, consist only of a pipe running to a decaying 50-gallon drum buried in the backyard.