'You're going to leave a big hole on the board,' Supt. Dena Maloney says

Carolyn Hosking, the senior member of the West Kern Community College District, is stepping down after serving Taft College for a quarter century.

Hosking will be leaving the district on May 15.

The college board voted Wednesday at a special meeting to appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of her current term, which expires in November.

No particular reason was given.

“The time just comes when you have to make decisions,” she said.

Her resignation was accepted with regrets by the other trustees and Superintendent Dena Maloney.

“I've served with Carolyn for 13 years,” said Board President Billy White, now the senior member of the board. “I've grown to feel like she's part of the family and she always will be.”

“You've been such a wonderful resource for me. Maybe you'll still be a mentor,” said Maloney. “You're going to leave a big hole on the board.”

“I'm personally really going to miss her,” said Kal Vaughan. “I feel like I'm letting a family member go here.”

Hosking said she's seen a lot since joining the board in 1989 as the college has gone through some lean times to a period of unprecedented growth.

“I can remember when the board had to make some really difficult decisions. I've seen a lot of changes. I totally support the direction the college is going.”

While Hosking was on the board, the college had to eliminaste all athletics for a time, but also added the dental hygiene program and Transition to Independent Living program and is now developing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and energy technology programs.