Peace disturbances on an otherwise quiet Sunday

7:26 Disturbing the Peace 140413007
Occurred on Franklin Av, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

8:10 Assist other Departments 140413008
Occurred on Franklin Av, Taft. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

4:11 False Alarms 140413009
Occurred on Parkview Cr, Taft. . Disposition: False Alarm.

6:19 Lost Property 140413010
Occurred at Fastrip Food Store on Kern St. , Taft. Disposition: Completed.

8:22 Assist other Departments 140413011
Officer initiated activity at Polk St, Ford City. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

9:05 Misc. - Extra Patrol 140413012
Officer initiated activity at St. Andrew's Church, Fifth St, Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

9:13 Disturbing the Peace 140413013
Occurred on Lucard St, Taft. Disposition: Civil Problem.

9:26 Assist other Departments 140413014
Officer initiated activity at Philippine St, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

9:49 Assist other Departments 140413015
Officer initiated activity at Fillmore St/Cedar St, Ford City.Disposition: Outside Assist.

10:12 Assist other Departments 140413016
Officer initiated activity at B St, Taft. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

10:31 Driving while Suspended/Revoked 140413018
Officer initiated activity at Sixth St/Warren St, Taft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

11:38 Pedestrian Check 140413019
Officer initiated activity at S. Sixth St/Front St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

12:47 Assist other Departments 140414001
Officer initiated activity at Cedar St/Harrison St, Ford City. . Disposition: Outside Assist.