Congressman says Keystone Pipeline is vital for United States in talk with Taft Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Taft was honored to have, as its guest today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy.
About 50 Kiwanis members and invited guest enjoyed listening to his ideas, concerns and observations about the direction the United States is going. He assured us, it is not as bad as it appears in the news and depending which network you watch, there is differing opinion.
The Congressman spoke about his early years, when he bought and sold cars to put himself through college, used some of the money to open a small business, Kevin’Os Deli and his rise through the political arena to his current position as Majority Whip of the House of Representatives.
He also discussed the necessity to see the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Texas, which could provide the United States with energy independence, be constructed. The Canadians have the option to sell energy to the USA or to other foreign nations. Typically, the US import fuels from countries such as Venezuela, who is not a true friend of this country, rather than purchasing from our neighbor to the North. It is a safe and viable project with the prospect of thousands of jobs and another step towards energy independence.
He spoke of the recent oil boom going on in our northern states. Because of the demand for workers, it is not uncommon for hotel rooms to be as high as $300 per night and sign on bonuses of $1000 dollars for those applying for employment at fast food restaurants. This is the kind of economy created when private business is allowed to apply its trade without excessive regulation or government intervention.
McCarthy described his political heroes, including Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. He is an avid study of both and holds the highest regards for both men. He, in fact, has paintings of both in his office. He continued to speak about how the USA is still the greatest nation in the world and how our reputation in the eyes of the world has diminished. He explained that the current foreign policy has created a condition where our allies have a distrust of us and our enemies do not fear us. This invites those who do not like the US to test our resolve.
The Congressman describe how California, which has a larger economy than most nations, continues to lose good jobs and companies to other states due to increasing taxes and regulations. He discussed education and how the Department of Education takes 25% of all education dollars for its use. This money should be going to the classroom instead of paying for a government department doing nothing for education.
After answering several questions, the Congressman was invited to visit Oil Park, newly built by the West Side Recreation Department and to tour the recently opened MCCF operated by the City of Taft.