Seventh Street Players will perform musical May 8-11, including Mother's Day matinee

The Taft Union High School Seventh Street Players, under the direction of drama teacher Kelly Morris, will present the play, “Xanadu Jr.” May 8-11.

 The play is based on the book by Douglas Carter Beane and the 1980 Universal Pictures film starring Michael Beck and Olivia Newton-John. The music and lyrics are by Jeff Lynee and John Farrar.

The plot involves a love story between a mortal man and a Greek muse: Jordan Romero plays Sonny Malone and Carlie Wood plays Kira. The setting is Venice, California, the Santa Monica pier, and Mount Olympus. Kira searches for Xanadu — an idealized place of idyllic magnificence and beauty.

The play will be performed in the auditorium at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 8-10, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 11, (Mother’s Day).

Admission costs $7 for adults; $5 for children and seniors. Children under 3 will be admitted free. For the Sunday Mother’s Day matinee, moms will be admitted for $5.

Bradley Odom plays Danny Maguire, Erica Shannon and Willow Owen portray the evil muses, Melpomene and Calliope, respectively. Citalli Null plays a young woman.

Muses are: Savannah Spangler: Erato; Savannah Gregory: Euterpe; Bethany Houghton: Polyhymnia; Asia Fee: Terpischore; Jasmin Almaguer: Thalia; and, Brittany Fuller: Urania.

Sirens are: Emily Davis: Parthenope; Citlalli Null: Leucosia; Ethan Banuelos: Raidne; Destiny Duncan: Teles; Chase Comfort: Thelxiepeia; Rima Bhakta: Aglaope; Jocee Dunham: Peisinoe; Kira Swope: Molpe; and, Randiel Sasi: Ligeia.

The Andrews sisters are: Alyssa Bienvenu: Maxene; Emily Davis: Patty; and, Asia Fee: Laverne.

Greek chorus: Cameron Bunch, Randiel Sasi, Trey Roberts, Emily Davis, Destiny Duncan, Bethany Houghton, Citlalli Null, Rima Bhakta, Jocee Dunham, Kira Swope, Chase Brown, Nick Derry, Ethan Banuelos and Alyssa Bienvenu.

Emily Davis is Aphrodite; Alyssa Bienvenu is Hera; Jocee Dunham is Thetis; Zack Fearon is Zeus; Nick Derry is Cyclops, Cameron Bunch is Centaur, Chase Brown is Hermes; Rima Bhakta is Medusa; and, Randiel Sasi is Eros.

Ethan Banuelos plays guitar, Trey Roberts drums and Randiel Sasi bass.