Nonprofit groups team up to find "forever homes" for dogs

Unity Thrift Animal Rescue took part in a team effort to fly dogs from Kern County shelters to new “forever homes” last week.

The Taft based Unity Thrift teams up with Kern County Animal Control, Bakersfield Animal Control and a Tehachapi group an all all-volunteer non profit groups called Wings of Rescue that flys pets to areas where they have homes waiting for them.

Unity Thrift volunteers joined in the effort.They took nine dogs from the Taft Animal Shelter along with 48 dogs from the Bakersfield city shelter, 38 from Kern County, two from Tehachapi and eleven from L.A. County. They're headed to either Oregon or Washington.

Taft had sent 35 kittens and four dogs to Santa Cruz the day before said Trixie Hodges of Unity Thrift.

Working with no kill-shelters around the state, groups like Wings of Rescue and others keeps dogs and cats from being euthanized, Hodges said.

“No nice dogs are ever euthanized at the Taft Shelter,” Hodges said.

Wings of Rescue, a Van Nuys-based nonprofit, has helped save more than 6200 animals in the past 3-1/2 years and frequently comes to Kern County to work with Unity Thrift and others.

It is supported by donations, and Hodges said that if enough money is raised, Wings of Rescue could do a lot more here.

“They could clean us out every month if they had the money,” Hodges said.

Wings of Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization.

To donate, visit the website at