Contracts awarded, and they should be gone by mid-August. Problems continue with apartment in Ford City, though

This just in from Mark Salvaggio, aide to Fourth District Supervisor David Couch:

Here are our latest efforts to remove dangerous and substandard buildings in the unincorporated areas of Taft, namely Ford City and South Taft

We are pleased to report the following vacant homes are set to be demolished by the middle of August.  All of the demolition contracts have been awarded:

216 Jefferson Street

122 Lierly Avenue

209 Asher Avenue

325 Wood Street

202 Montview Avenue

We are also on track now to get 611 South Street abated.  This property is riddled with old appliances and other junk.  We will clean this place up by the middle of August too.  Contract has been awarded

We also hope to demo the old substandard home at 217 Pierce Street by the middle of September.  This one has been a long time coming.  This contract has been awarded.

We are now seeing some action regarding the unfinished remodeling of 703 B Street.  We have met with the property owner who has 10 days to obtain a building permit and we expect significant, yes significant, progress in 30 days from that point.

We continue to struggle with the dangerous 12-unit apartment complex, 355 Adams Street, in Victory Square.  The new owners failed to show up for a meeting on site today.  We have red tagged the 3 vacant units.  So no one can move into them from this point forward.  This whole building must be leveled and plumbed by the property owner. If this is not done soon, we will move forward with another approach to solve this building problem.  It is only the right thing to do for those poor tenants who deserve better living conditions.