Suspect turns himself in after deputies serve search warrant

A pair of anonymous tips has helped Kern County Sheriffs deputies make an arrest and recover nearly half of the stolen saddles and other items stolen in rural Maricopa last week.

Sgt. Marc Haiungs said deputies received two tips identifying a suspect and the location of the 17 saddles and other items taken from barns in the area of Pentland Road and Highway 166.

The tips led deputies to a home of the 500 block of Klipstein Street Friday

While searching property, Haiungs said, deputies found a locked shed in the back yard and were able to see the horn of a saddle sticking up from under a large rug


Deputies obtained a search warrant for the property.  A search of the shed and another locked outbuilding led to the recovery of 7 saddles (valued at $5,000); numerous bridles and horse tack, valued at $1,800 and a Craftsman tool box and tools valued at $200.

Deputies also located evidence to establish probable cause to arrest BillyJoe Landreth, 46, of Maricopa for possession of stolen property.

Landreth turned himself in to deputies at the Taft Substation Friday night at 8:50 pm. He was transported to and booked into the Taft City Jail.