Taft Police said it occurred on 600 block of Center Street

The fight that claimed the life of one Taft man and left another in jail facing murder charges did not start in Buckolies, one of the bar's owner told Taft Midway Driller.

Mary Jane Ornales, co-owner of the bar, said there was no confrontation inside Buckolies between Lyndon Faagau, the suspect, and Billy Joe Burell Jr., the victim.

The fight took place in the middle of the street, she said.

A Taft Police news release said: “Taft Police Department responded to a report of a fight that occurred in the 600 block of Center Street, directly in front of Buckolies Bar at 621 Center Street.

She said that while both the suspect and victim had been inside Buckolies earlier, Burell had gone outside and the suspect and another man came into the bar briefly, ordered beers, then went back to a vehicle get money to pay for the drinks, Ornales said Sunday.

She said a bartender from Buckolies saw the altercation start in the street.

Burrell fell to the ground after being pushed, Taft Police said, and suffered a fatal head injury.