Suspects used information from checks taken from burned home to attempt purchases on interne.

Two suspects have been arrested and a third is being sought in connection with the theft of checks from a home damaged by fire earlier this year and attempts to cash checks and use account information for purchase over the internet.

Taft Police Lt. Pete Aranda said police began investigating the case on April 21 when they received a report from the victim that his account information had been used to attempt to make purchases totaling $1,900 from J.C. Penney through the internet.

Aranda said the victim contacted police after the company sent him confirmation requests for the purchases, which were made starting on April 16.
The checks were stolen from a house on Pine Drive that was heavily damaged by a fire on March 24, Aranda said.
After a lengthy investigation, two suspects were arrested last week.

Amber Down Ann Jones, 22, and April Poole, 33, were both charged with possession of bad checks or money orders, forgery and receiving stolen property. They were arrested on July 2.

Jones was also charged with burglary and Poole was charged with conspiracy.

A third suspect remains at large.

He was identified as Bradley Wilkerson, 35.

There is a warrant with $100,000 bail charging him with possession of bad checks or money orders, forgery, two counts of receiving stolen property, conspiracy, forgery of a legal document and using an access card without consent.

Jones is still in custody on $20,000 bail. She was arraigned on July 3 and is due back in court for a hearing on July 11.

Poole is free on bail and is due in court on July 18 for her arraignment.