West Side Mosquito & Vector Control District says infected mosquitoes found in traps on Garratt Street

West Nile Virus has been detected on the Westside.

The West Side Mosquito and Vector Control District said adult mosquito samples

taken from the Taft area have tested positive for the virus.

The infected adult mosquitoes were collected from District traps on July1 in the Garratt St. area.

Residents are urged to protect themselves from mosquitoes by limiting outdoor activities after dark.

District officials also said people can take the following steps to avoid mosquito bites and infection with the disease:

• If you must go out at night be sure to apply a mosquito repellent such as those products that contain DEET or other repellents.

•Home owners can help prevent mosquitoes by checking their yards for any standing

water that may breed mosquitoes. Neglected pools, buckets, barrels, or even flower

pots can hold enough water to be used by mosquitoes to rear their young.

•It is especially important if residents are aware of abandoned houses with pools or leaks

with standing water to report the address to the District office (763-3510). There

is no charge for us to come out and treat for mosquito breeding.

Most people that contract West Nile Virus never notice any symptoms.

Only about 10% of the victims ever have the flu-like symptoms and only about 1% of

those require treatment. The aged, very young and those people with compromised

immune systems are most susceptible to the disease.

If you have any questions about the disease or how you can help prevent

mosquitoes, feel free to contact the District office at 763-3510 or stop by the office at

7004 Gas Company Rd, Taft