Macayla Wells races locally and in two different classes

Normally the success of a competitor is determined over a long period of time. That is not the case for Taft rider Macayla Wells who has amounted a number of awards during her short amount of time in the sport.

“It has been really good,” Wells said of the experience.

Wells, who is 11 years old, is currently is in a transition right now. She rides in the 65 advance class and the 85 Novice Class.

Yet, once the season is over Wells is done with the 65 class and will strictly race in the 85 Class.

By competing in different divisions, Wells has different bikes for each level.

When she races the 65 divisions, Wells rides the 65SXS and the 85SXS. Wells likes the change of going to a bigger bike.

“I like it because you have a way bigger bike,” she said.

Wells has noticed a change in the racing over the years she has competed.

“I have a lot more competition and bigger jumps,” she said.

Last weekend Wells took first place and is the points leader in the 85cc class.

While Wells is changing levels, the success remains the same.

In a series of races on June 28, Wells finished second in the 65 cc Intermediate, second in the 65 cc Open, second in the 85cc Beginner and second in the 85cc/150R open according to

Last year Wells, who still has the nickname Hot Rod, won the 65cc Novice and the 65 cc Open Division in the Franklin Field Arena Cross Series with 150 points.

A couple of years ago in the Arena Cross series, Wells was in four classes and eight races and won three championships and finished second in the other one.

Sometimes, Wells will have several races in a short amount of time.

As a result, Wells has four bikes, one of which she just got Tuesday, just in case she gets a flat or some other damage and needs a new bike quickly. 

At the same time, Wells does not have a problem rushing from one race to the next.

“I am already hyped up and ready for the next race,” she said.

Despite all of the success she has had, there is one thing about racing that is tough for Wells.

“The really muddy tracks,” she said.

Another challenge for Wells is that outside of racing she barely practices since there is no place to practice.  Normally she practices the Thursday before the race.

“She doesn’t have a place to practice locally,” said her mother Kim.

On the flip side, the best part of racing for Wells is “the fun of it.”

Wells, who is sponsored by her mom and dad, has been invited to different places to compete but currently Wells just competes locally. She would eventually like to compete outside of Taft.

Wells success has carried off the track as well. She has a fan club that includes Kaylee Kozloski, Evan Stewart and Braysen Madsen who are between the ages of four to five years old.

They will ask to see Wells and she will pick them up and put them on her bike and talks to the kids. Half of the time she will give them a ride.

When she is not racing, Wells is currently playing summer league basketball and ponytail softball.

She also plays soccer in the fall. Yet for Wells “it is all about the racing.”