Event will take place Aug.2

In two weeks, the West Side Recreation and Park District will hold a fundraiser for Taft’s Brandyn McFarland on Saturday, Aug. 2 at the Rec center.

The benefit, which is called the “Brandyn Strong” benefit, will have a bounce house, a mechanical bull, the Little Red Wagon, dunk tank, barbecue and raffles. There will also be a shoot, throw and swing contest that involves a home run derby on the wiffle ball field, a three point shootout and some bowling. In the shoot, throw and swing contest, contestants can earn points for prizes.

People can also purchase Brandyn Strong t-shirts at the Recreation Center for a $15 donation.

McFarland, who is 12 years old and played soccer in the West Side Rec league and the Bakersfield Blades,  experienced some pain and swelling a few weeks ago in his lower jaw. After his parents took him to the dentist, an oral surgeon and a maxiollfacial surgeon it was determined that a tumor was causing his pain and discomfort.

Following a biopsy, his parents were then given the news that McFarland was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive and rare form of cancer that has destroyed the bottom lower right side of his jaw.

For more information about the benefit contact Laney Pait at the Rec at 765-6677.