Business office now at front of main building, attendance office on quad

Students and parents will find offices in different locations when taft High School opens the 30-14-15 school year on Monday.

School officials say its being done to increase security and at the same time make it more convenient for parents and others to get to the business office.
The changes have moved the principals office, superintendents office, attendance office and business office.

The work isn;'t done yet. The school is expanding the student store and adding shade structures in the quad.

The biggest changes will move the business office to the front of the main building and people can access it without having to go through the double-security doors installed in the lobby over the summer.

Here's a quick rundown of the major changes from Superintendent Blanca Cavazos:

• The business office and high school receptionist each have a window in the lobby where the public can be served.  (Hopefully, for most visitors, they can use the visitor parking and be able to take care of their business without having to sign in to enter the campus.  This will not only be more convenient to parents and visitors, but also help to better secure the campus).

• The lobby will soon have a second set of locking double doors that will close when school starts.

•The high school Principal's Office has moved into the guidance center.

•The Attendance/Security/Assistant Principal/Special Services offices now are located in the former Business and Superintendent's Office.

•The Superintendent's Office has moved to the former Attendance/Security office.

•The Independent Study classroom has been modernized.

• The Board room will soon be moved to Room 107 at the southeast corner of the campus and will have street access once completed.

• We are awaiting approval from the state for the installation of permanent shade structures in the quad.

•We have expanded the Student Store so that students can be served through windows (across from the cafeteria) and be able to purchase a wider range of products.

•The classrooms for our students with severe handicaps, Social/Academic Living Skills (SAILS) program and Foods program are being modernized.  The first two classrooms should be ready within a month and the latter will take a little bit longer.