Tryouts for WJFL take place Saturday while practice for WSYSL starts Monday

All of the Taft High School sports teams are in full swing with regards to their new season.

The West Side Youth Soccer League and the West Side Junior Football League will be joining the fun in the next couple of weeks.

WJFL will get going this Saturday with tryouts on the Taft High track. The tryouts get underway at 9 a.m., while the first game will start Saturday, Sept.20.

Meanwhile, practice gets underway for the WSYSL this Monday.

The first matches of the season will begin Saturday, Sept. 13.

There will be one twist to the WSYSL schedule this year.

Unlike previous years when their matches were all played during the day that will not be the case on Sept.20 when they will be played in the late afternoon for Division I and Saturday night for Division III.