Wilkerson gets 16-month prison term, Jones gets a year in jail

Two of the three defendants accused of stealing checks and attempting to purchase items over the internet have pleaded not contest in plea agreements and been been sentenced to jail or prison terms.
Bradley Wilkerson, 36, pleaded o contest to one count of  attempted forgery and was sentenced to a year and four months in state prison on Wednesday.
A second defendant,  Amber Dawn Ann Jones, 27, was sentenced to one year in jail on August 14 for a contest plea to one count of attempted burglary.
Wilkerson and Jones were both fined $380
A third defendant, April Poole, 33, has pleaded no guilty and is due back in court on August 28 for a preliminary hearing.
Taft Police began investigating the case in April when the owner of a house that burned a month earlier on Pine Drive reported  say someone was using his account information to  attempt purchases over the internet.
Police wrapped up their investigation in July and arrested Wilkerson. 
The other were defendants were arrested later.