Some get tickets for parking in bus loading zone at Roosevelt

Taft College began its 92nd year on Monday with the usual packed parking lots and nervous incoming students trying to figure out the lay of the land.
Students arriving for morning classes were greeted with cool temperatures and lots of friendly people pointing the direction to buildings and classrooms and answering questions.
First-day enrollment – just over 3,000 – was down a bit from a year ago but a surge of procrastinators Monday and Tuesday pushed numbers above those in 2013.
“The first week is always hectic, but overall things are going really well,” said Darcy Bogle, vice president of student services.  “It’s exciting to have all our returning students back on campus and to meet our new students.”
Parking was an issue for the first few days as it always is.
A dirt lot near the north entrance to the campus became an overflow lot, and several students got parking tickets for parking in a bus loading zone at Roosevelt School on Wildcat Way.
"It's an issue for the first week of classes,  then its OK for the rest of the semester,' said campus police officer Kevin Altenhofel.
There was plenty of help for students trying to find buildings and classrooms because members of the Associated Student Body set up information tables.
“We really want to thank the ASB for coordinating all of that and making things easier, especially for our new incoming students,” Bogle said.
She said enrollment is up in every category except the .5-5.5 units, but those numbers will surge once enrollment begins at the college’s Westec petroleum training facility.