Icon of Mary and Christ Child hangs in St. Andrews

 A new icon, reflecting both the Christian faith and the history of Taft and mixing the traditional and contemporary, was blessed by a bishop and is on display for the public.

"Our Lady of Taft," painted in the ancient Christian style by iconographer Joyce Tanner, is in the front of St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

It includes Mary and the Christ Child, pumping units and a sunset.

The scared art even contains ancient Greek Script, a tradition in icons

The Right. Rev. David Rice, Bishop of the Episcopal Archdiocese of the San Joaquin, visited taft on Sunday and dedicated Tanner's work after the main worship service.

Tanner, a Bakersfield resident, is the official iconographer of the Archdiocese of the San Joaquin, said Rev. Heather Mueller, priest in charge at St. Andrews.

"People  are invited and  are welcome to come and see the icon, 'Our Lady of Taft,' " Mueller said. "The doors of St. Andrew's Church are open during the day and we know that a number of people in Taft come and enjoy the sacred and quiet space."