Freshman assemblyman wants legislature to review new regulations that impose high costs on businesses

 Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern County) introduced his first bill last week, a proposed law requiring any major state department regulation with an estimated cost of more than $50 million to be submitted for review by the Legislature before it goes into effect.

 “The cost of food, energy, transportation, and doing business continues to grow year after year because of the high-cost regulations that fall upon residents and businesses every day,” said Assemblyman Fong. “AB 77 is a common sense measure that will bring greater transparency and accountability to a regulatory system that too often overlooks the harmful and costly economic impacts that put at risk the livelihood of Californians throughout the state. 

"Just as D.C. is working to fix the regulatory climate on a national level, we need to address the real regulatory issues we have here in California.”

 State agencies are often provided broad authority to implement statutes passed by the Legislature.  Agencies are not required to seek legislative approval for major new regulations (expected economic impact of $50 million or more) unless they are required to do so by law. 

AB 77 provides lawmakers the ability to referee these major regulations to ensure they are in-line with the intent of the Legislature.

 “Critical industries in Kern County—like our small business owners, farmers and energy producers—are continually facing greater burdens at the hands of unelected bureaucrats statewide,” said Fong. “With greater checks and balances provided through this bill, we can bring much needed oversight to stop regulations that unduly harm the communities we represent.”

 AB 77 will be assigned to a policy committee in the coming weeks.