Adam Taylor and two other Buttonwillow officers help couple bring boy into the world

Three Buttonwillow CHP officers helped deliver a baby on I-5 Tuesday morning.

One of them was Officer Adam Taylor, the office's public information officer and he sent out the following news release:

On 2/14/17 at approximately 7:51 am, Buttonwillow Area CHP Officer Jason Kremsdorf made a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding on southbound I-5 north of SR-43. Upon contacting the occupants Officer Kremsdorf observed a female passenger laying in the back seat who appeared to be in labor. Officer Kremsdorf called for an ambulance and immediately began providing medical aid to the expectant mother.

Officers Adam Taylor and Manny Garcia arrived on scene to assist with the delivery and the three officers determined that with the contractions 1 minute apart the baby would be there soon so they made preparations for a roadside delivery.

Shortly before delivery the Kern County Fire Department and Hall Ambulance arrived on scene and took over primary medical care. A healthy baby boy was delivered in the back seat of the family sedan at 8:27 am. The mother and infant were transported by ambulance to Mercy Southwest Hospital with the new father following close behind.

This story began at approximately 2:00 this morning when the mothers water broke at their home in San Jose. The parents-to-be decided to drive to their preferred hospital in the Los Angeles Area when they were stopped for speeding by Officer Kremsdorf. The CHP would like to remind you that in the event of a medical emergency to go to the nearest medical facility if you can drive there safely. If not, call 911 for assistance. Fortunately in this situation everything turned out fine including the baby having an interesting story of his birth, and the father receiving a Valentines Day verbal warning from the CHP.