After two discussions, the Ridgecrest City Council has set a date for a workshop to brainstorm goals and visions for the city. The workshop is set for Sat., Feb. 25 at 10 a.m., at the Kerr McGee Center.

The item was brought up at council's meeting Jan. 18 at the request of Council member Lindsey Stephens. She said part of the reason for the meeting would be to allow council to discuss goals freely  without having to worry about violating the Brown Act.

“It was brought up awhile ago that we haven't had a workshop where we sat down and discussed our goals as a city,” Stephens said. “As a council we toss around a lot of good ideas when we all run, but  unless we put it on the agenda item for each thing, we can't discuss it.”

Stephens said her idea was for “basically a workshop” to enable council to “get together, brainstorm, set goals and figure out what we want to achieve as a council, and if the community wants to participate too . . . there has been talks about our vision, goal statement, that sort of thing, and this is a method to to do that as well.”

After some discussion, City Manager Dennis Speer suggested the event be termed a workshop as opposed to a Town Hall meeting. “It would be more correctly termed a workshop because you are focusing on a specific issue. I know the Town Halls were more receptive to comments and discussion of any topic that they wanted to bring before council, so a workshop would probably be better.”

Council member Michael Mower and Mayor Peggy Breeden pointed out that a series of meetings on economic development was held [in 2015], resulting in a series of subcommittee meetings.
The topic was delayed to the next meeting Feb. 1, at which point the date was set for Feb. 25. The date was arrived at after much back and forth, including emphasizing the informal matter of meeting on a Saturday.

“Come very casual, right?” Mower asked with a laugh.