Calling all flappers, sheiks and fans of expatriate 1920s glamour and decadence. It's time to break out those costumes and solve a mystery.

“Bury me in Paris,” a new interactive murder mystery opens March 25. The latest collaboration between Master Mystery Productions and My Enchanted Cottage and Tea Room is set in the magical milieu of 1920s bohemian Paris.

Once again, this promises to be a full immersion event. The show will take place in the garden of the tea room. In keeping with the artistic theme, original work by local artist Marcela Everitt will be on display. The audience is encouraged to come in period costume to add to the atmosphere.

The story this time centers around legendary muse Chantal (Lena Pokol), also known as “Madame Mustache.” Chantal is “a liberated woman and eccentric character” who chooses to paint a mustache on her face to avoid being judged on her beauty alone, according to playwright Daniel Stallings.

“Bury me in Paris” takes place at a party celebrating the sale of her portrait. There is a problem, though. Chantal receives a letter threatening her life. Who is behind it? And what will happen next? That is for the audience to find out.

“Before the ice in the champagne bucket melts, someone will be buried in Paris for good, and living the bohemian life will become a very difficult occupation,” according to Stallings' press release.

Master Mystery Productions are known for having a cast of interesting supporting characters, and this is no exception. Rounding out the cast are Stallings as Edgar, the painter responsible for the “Madame Mustache” painting; Katie Cozine as Flora, “a typical flapper heiress worth millions;”  Devanne Fredette as Zoe; “a young American touring the 'old world' for the first time;” Cat Kusznir as “Massimo,” an androgynous painter; and Monica Lorenz as Wilhemina, an American writer and publisher of a modernist magazine.

“Bury me in Paris,” will also feature Darren Hoyt as jazz musician Benji. In addition to playing a musician, Hoyt really is one. He will provide jazz accompaniment before the show and during intermission. The live music will be a first for a Master Mystery Production. In addition, Stallings said, the jazz itself will sometimes be used as dialog – adding to the atmosphere.

This will be Stallings twelfth production and as with some previous productions, he said he was inspired by the  space.

“My Enchanted Cottage is the popular venue for Uncorked Acrylics [a painting event],” he said. Added to that, Everitt wanted to show her art. So it all came together.

“Gallery show plus murder mystery makes a lot of sense, set it in the 1920s in Paris and you've got a good show,” Stallings said with a laugh.

Everitt also created the iconic “Madame Mustache” painting that is at the center of the play. Stallings said he was impressed with it, and intends to either auction or raffle it off – he is not sure. “Its going to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life,” he said.

For more information, contact My Enchanted Cottage at (760) 264-4141 or follow Master Mystery Productions on Facebook.

Go & Do
What: “Bury me in Paris,” an interactive murder mystery
Schedule: March 25 March 31, April 1, April 8  (all dates at 7 p.m.)
Where: My Enchanted Cottage and Tea Room, 214 W. Ridgecrest Blvd.
Cost: $25, includes tea, desserts, access to the art show and  a seat at the show.
Tickets available