Sam Barnes and Alfonso Jimenez from Maricopa High School receive Merit awards

Students and teachers from Taft Union High School and Maricopa High School were among 36 who received merit awards from Congressman Kevin McCarthy in Bakersfield last week.

Sam Barnes of Taft Union High School and Alfonso Jimenez from Maricopa High School received their awards from the Bakersfield congressman at a ceremony in the  Kern High School District’s offices.

“The award embodies superior academic achievement while also recognizing positive values students and educators represent every day,” McCarthy said when he announced the winners. “This event offers our community the opportunity to honor this year’s recipients that inspire the continued advancement of academic success at all levels of education.”

The teachers were given the spirit award for inspiring the students.

The student who earned the merit awards themselves selected the teachers to be honored.

 Jared Bradford of Maricopa High and Caroline Schoneweis from TUS were among the 18 recipients.

Schoneweis and Barnes were also recognized at Monday night Taft Union High School District Board of Trustees meeting.