Old Sunset Oilfield Construction Building is "attractive nuisance," city manger says

One older building on Supply Row is being targeted for demolition and another may follow.

The city-owned two story structure on the 500 block of Supply Row is unsafe and being used by transients, City Manager Jones said.

The Sunset Oilfield Construction Building, as it is called, has been examined by several building inspectors over the years and they all said it doesn't conform to building and safety standard.

Jones said it is an "attractive nuisance" that has ben frequented by transients as well.

"It doesn't meet current building codes, it was pieced together and the foundation is just wood on dirt," Jones said "Its been determined it is an attractive nuisance."

Fixing it up isn't economically feasible for the city.

"Realistically you are looking at twice the cost of tearing the old one down and building a new one."

He said a proposal to seek bids to have it demolished will be brought to the Taft City Council for its next meeting on July 21.

Another building just over a block away may be next.

An old tin and wood building that housed several valve shops over the years is being looked at the same way.
That building sits on the north side of the 300 block of Supply Row.

It's a larger building with several parts of the roof bent and twisted by winds.

Jones said neither building has significant historical value.

But another of the older buildings owned by the city does.
Jones said the old Howard Supply Store at Second and Supply Row, reopened about 15 years ago as the Midway Sunset Trading Post for several years, will stay put.

It has significant historic value, he said, and is structurally sound.

However, it will take considerable work to bring it into compliance with current codes, particularly for handicapped access.