Police say death does not appear suspcious. Kern County Coroner to investigate

The Kern County Coroner is being called to investigate the death of a man whose found was found near Kmart in Taft Saturday afternoon.

Taft Police were called about 3:30 p.m. to a footpath just off the south end of the parking lot and were led to the body.

The body was was found by a person who reported it to Kmart employees who called police.

Sgt. Ray Buford said there is nothing outwardly suspicious about the incident.

Buford said here were no signs of trauma or foul play and the victim most likely died from natural causes or the extreme heat.

The man appeared to be in his 50s and the body had been there for some time, possibly since Friday night, Buford said.

The body was located just off the parking lot net to a footpath commonly used by people walking to the store from South Taft.