Suspect driving stolen car said he was a federally protected witness, but he's a wanted man in Florida and Minnesota, police said

Taft Police arrested a man in a stolen car on Monday, but the suspect apparently is not who he said he was.

He is not Joseph Mazzatelo, as he identified himself when arrested.

He isn't a federally protected witness, as he also told police.

Instead, Taft Police said, he's a Joseph Kedrowski, 36, a Minnesota man who is actually fugitive wanted on multiple criminal charges in at least two other states and facing extradition to Florida.

Kedrowski is facing charges of being an unlicensed contractor, theft, embezzlement, and furnishing false identification to police in Minnesota and Florida, Chief of Police Ed Whiting said, and Florida officials have already said they want to extradite him.

Kedrowski was arrested at gunpoint by police and Kern County Sheriff's deputies at Tenth and Hope about 11 a.m.

Whiting said police located the car, reported stolen out of Lomita in the Los Angeles area, in Taft Heights.

It was unoccupied and placed under surveillance.

When the suspect entered it and drove away, officers followed and made the stop.

Kedrowski said he had no license when he first identified himself as Mazzatelo, but officers later established his identity through a newly-issued driver's license.

Whiting said Kedrowski will be transported to the Kern County Jail and held on bail for the grand theft auto, false identification to Taft Police Officers for a bail of $23,000.
Bail for the charges in Florida is $14,000.