Water-dropping helicopter helped save structures

The Hudson Fire was officially contained late Tuesday after burning 1,183 acres and briefly threatening several homes near the Kern-Santa Barbara County Line.

Highway 166, closed shortly after the fire broke out at about 11:30 a.m., was reopened to traffic about 4:30 p.m

More than 100 firefighters from several agencies, including the Kern County Fire Department, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Los Padres National Forest and Ventura County Fire Department battled the flames.

The fire started on the west side of Highway 166 near the intersection with Hudson Ranch Road and spread south along the Highway and west into the Temblors.

It jumped Highway 166 in several places near Stubblefield Road and threatened some of the houses in the area.

Firefighters on the ground aided by strategic air drops from a water-dropping helicopter prevented the fire from reaching the homes.

Firefighters started gaining the upper hand by mid afternoon with aid of several air tankers dropping fire retardant on the west side of the fire.