Measure A money is just about gone, and TC officials say there is more work to do

Thirteen years after voters approved Measure A, the $39.8 million construction bond that has paid for the reconstruction of the Taft College campus, the West Kern Community College District is considering asking voters to support another bond.
Wednesday night the Board of Trustees voted 5- 0 to hire three firms to explore the feasibility of getting a bond passed in 2018.
The District is hiring a research firm to gauge public opinion on another bond, a bond counsel, and a public relations firm. Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) will be paid up to $33,500 for public opinion research.
According to a report from Superintendent-President Dr. Debra Daniels, FM3 has already had success
working on bond measures for the Kern High School District, Kern Community College District, Bakersfield City School District and Arvin, Delano and Wasco.
Clifford Moss was hired to provide assessment and strategic planning to determine the feasibility of a 2018 bond  measure.
Jones Hall was hired to serve as legal counsel for the sale of any bonds passed.Jones Hall will be paid a flat $5,000 fee up to the passage of any bond and on a scale after that.
Clifford Moss will be paid $6,000 per month plus expenses.
College officials say that despite all the work that has been done, there's still a lot more to do. Some classes are still being taught in bungalows. The dental hygiene program is housed in a modular building. A new vocational building that would house the dental hygiene program is one new building the college would like to build. The college is landlocked, strapped for space, and would like to purchase land off campus to move sports facilities to create more instructional space. While Measure A raised less than $40 million locally, it was leveraged with other sources to bring in about $100 million for the college reconstruction.
Over the past decade or so, Measure A paid for a new Center for Independent  Living to house the
Transition to Independent Living program, a complete remodel of the library-learning resource center and administration building, remodel of the quad-courtyard, remodel of the science building and tech arts building and several others. The last major project, the new student center, is under construction on Wildcat Way and is scheduled to be completed next summer.