Board of Trustees wants to know why some student tasks get pay, others do not

Money is tight for the Taft Union High School District and funding for everything from student jobs to teacher stipends is being looked at by the Board of Trustees.

The Board on Monday tabled action on paying marketing students for working in the student store and voted for a one-semester trial for teachers stipends for after school tutoring in the school library.

It's part of a looming budget crunch the TUHSD is facing a under the Californian Local Control Funding Formula.

The District is still receiving more money per student than most California high school districts, but its funding is not increasing while its costs do.

Discussion of the student jobs started when Board member Wendy Berry asked to have an item to pay students in the marketing class for working in the student store pulled from the consent agenda.

She asked why students in the class were being paid for doing part of the course curriculum in the marketing class.

"We don't pay any other students for doing their course work," she said.

Why not pay the oil technology or other students? asked Board member John Kopp.

He pointed out that two students from the school newspaper were covering the meeting but weren't getting paid.

Berry noted students in other courses like government or economics do community service work as part of their curriculum.

"I don't want to keep approving (pay) for every little thing the kids do," she said.

The student pay issue was tabled (student marketing jobs weren't approved) and the District is going to look at a comprehensive policy.

"We aren't being consistent," Berry said.

The school isn't obligated to pay students, either.

Superintendent Blanca Casinos said the District is exploring the issue.
"It's part of the big overall picture we're looking at," she said.