Supervisors expected to OK it on Oct. 17

Taft Union High School is going to have a new school resource officer in two weeks.

The TUHS Board has already approved a contract with the Kern County Sheriff's Office and now its waiting for the Kern County Board of Supervisors to approve it on Oct. 17.

The Kern County chief administrative officer has already recommended approval and approval by the entire Board of Supervisors is expected.
TUHS has contracted with the Taft Police Department for school resource officers for several years but attorneys for the City of Taft and TUHSD have not been able to agree on contract language.

The differences stem from a lawsuit filed against the City on behalf of the District alleging breach of contract by the City because there was no officer on duty in January 2013 when student Bowe Cleveland was shot by fellow student Bryan Oliver.

The Taft officer was delayed by weather at his home in Frazier Park.

As a result of the lawsuit, the City's insurers insisted on new language in a school resource officer contract to indemnify the City against similar future lawsuits.

The District's insurers and attorneys won't agree to the language the City is requesting.
The SRO contract with Taft Police expired on June 30.

TUHS has hired a temporary chief of security, retired Kern County Sheriff's Sgt. Marc Haiungs, to work until the contract with Kern County is approved.