Distinguished graduates selected be committee will be inducted in April 2018

The Taft Union High School Hall of Fame Committee is seeking names of Taft Union High School graduates for consideration induction into the TUHS Hall of Fame.
The Hall of Fame is in its thirteenth year, and 73 former students who have gone on to greatness have been honored. The application process may be started by anyone who wants to honor a graduate of Taft High.
“The High Union High School Hall of Fame has become an important way in which our community honors those among us who have made significant contributions in the areas of achievement, athletics, and lifetime recognition," said Hall of Fame Chair Kathy Orrin. "But the process begins with nominations. Please consider nominating a Taft High graduate friend or colleague.”
Applications are available online at the Hall of Fame website, or they may be picked up at the Taft District Chamber of Commerce, 400 Kern Street, Taft, California 93268.
The Taft Union High School Hall of Fame is the responsibility of the TUHS Hall of Fame Committee, composed of thirteen voting members, all alumni of Taft High, ranging in representation from the Class of 1961 to the Class of 2000.
The applications are received by the Committee each year by Nov. 1. The Committee determines whether there is sufficient information from the nominators to add the applicant to the list of nominees.
The ballots are sent to the Committee during the month of December. The Committee votes on each of the nominees. Those nominees receiving seven votes from the Committee are notified of their selection to the Hall of Fame in December. Those nominees who do not receive seven votes will remain on the list of nominees for a period of five years.
The Hall of Fame Dinner honoring the 2018 inductees will be held at Taft Union High School in April, 2018. All are invited.