Pilot pays tuition for 30 freshmen from TUHS, Buena Vista and Maricopa High

New legislation is going to give every community college student in California free tuition for their freshman year -- if it gets funded.
AB19, called the California College Promise, is due to go into effect in the fall semester of 2019 if money is found in the budget
California College Promise is generating a lot of excitement for some colleges, but at Taft College, it's no big deal.
The vast majority of middle and low income TC students are eligible for a financial aid packages, and that package includes free tuition through the California Community College Board of Governors tuition waiver said Brock McMurray, Taft College's executive vice president for administrative services.
TC Superintendent-President Dr. Deb Daniels touched on the California Promise at the annual joint board meeting of the Taft union High School District and West Kern Community College District.
"It's really just the BOG (Board of Governor's waiver) program," she said "The Governor just took the program, renamed it and promised scholarships to freshmen."
At any rate, TC is starting its own Taft College Promise programs for graduates of Taft Union High School, Buena Vista High School and Maricopa High School.
A pilot project underway this all started with invitations to graduates of the three schools in the TC District.
Sixty-four students applied but only 30 could be accepted, Daniels told the two boards Monday night.
They were chosen by lottery.
Under the program, the College covers all costs not paid by financial aid for tuition, books and required equipment for course.
Students are required to work less than 20 hours per week to ensure they are focussing on their education and each one is assigned a "coach".
Daniels said promise programs work and students are 50 percent more likely to stay in school and succeed.
"This is a proven way to help students be successful," she said.