There's no evidence of contamination but funding is available to check

The West Kern Water District is performing precautionary water testing for area schools.

The testing is not being done out of any imminent fear of contamination, but because of the availability of funding for schools to get the testing done.

Both the Water District and school officials said there is no evidence of lead or other harmful substances in the water here.

"...No event has precipitated this testing, other than the District wanting to be proactive in understanding the quality of the drinking water at its campuses," Taft City School District Superintendent Julie Graves said in a letter sent to parents.

"It's not testing for lead," WKWD District Manager Harry Starkey told the Board of Directors Tuesday night."We don't have lead in our water."

Starkey said the tests will look for contaminants that may have leached into the water from pipes and fitting at school sites.

"This is part of a new grant program through the State Water Resources Board, which is making funding available for the purpose of improving access to, and quality of, drinking water in public schools," Graves said in the letter."Schools that demonstrate impaired drinking water quality are eligible to apply for funding, which may be used to ensure students and staff have access to safe drinking water at our sites."
The WKWD Board approved testing with the TCSD and Midway School districts.
Testing is complete for Maricopa School and the tests came back negative, Starkey said.