City deemed it a safety hazard

The old Sunset Oilfield Construction building, deemed a safety hazard that was being used by transients, was demolished this week. The building, owned by the City, sat on the 500 block of Supply Row across from the new, nearly-complete transit center-banquet facility.

Demolition started Monday and the building was reduced to a pile of rubble in two days

the Taft City Council approved a staff recommendation to demolish the structure in July and awarded a $25,000 contract to NSM Recycling.

The old building, seen as historic by some in the community, was a safety hazard and used by transients, according to the City.

When the decision was made to take the building down, City Manager Craig Jones said several building inspectors said the structure was unsafe.

"It doesn't meet current building codes, it was pieced together and the foundation is just wood on dirt," Jones said.

Reinforcing and repairing the building wasn't feasible to bring it up to current building codes wasn't economically feasible, he added.

Another old building on city-owned land on the 300 block of Supply Row may also be demolished, but no decision on its fate has been announced.
Both buildings sit on the old railroad property owned by the City that is part of the Sunset Rails Development.