Two charged with possession of stolen auto. It was second stolen car recovered within hours

Kern County Sheriff's deputies arrested for two suspects for possession of a stolen auto Wednesday morning in Ford City, just a short time after Taft Police recovered another stolen car as Taft's wave of car thefts continues.

"We're getting car thefts almost daily," Sheriff Sgt. Kevin George said.
The two suspects were arrested at gunpoint in a house at Monroe and Birch Streets after Sheriff's deputies and Taft Police surrounded the house where a car reported stolen three days ago was parked.

George said the car was stolen Sunday night. Wednesday morning, the victim got a call from a friend who saw the car being driven around in Ford City.

He went to the area and saw the car as it was being parked on Birch at Monroe and saw two men get out of the car and go inside, George said.
The victim called deputies.

Deputies and police responded and took up positions outside.
The suspects were called out on a loud speaker and both eventually came out.

George identified the men as Nicholas Gentle, 19, and Kamerun Hacker, 18.
Both were charged with possession of a stolen auto and taken to Taft Jail where they were booked.

A couple hours earlier, Taft Police were called to Westpark Way where a stolen car was found parked on the street.