They were alerted by smoke detector. Two were injured climbing out window

 Four people escaped from a burning Ford City home as the structure was engulfed in fire early Friday morning.

Firefighters said the occupants were alerted to the fire by a smoke detector and it saved their lives.

The Kern County Fire Department said two people, a man and his son, suffered minor cuts as they climbed out a window to escape the heat and smoke.

Both victims were treated at the scene.

Two other family members were able to flee through a rear door without injury.

The fire was reported at about 2 a.m. in the 500 block of Van Buren Street.

The house was completely engulfed in fire as firefighters arrived and they had to work to save an adjacent structure.

The first house, valued at $90,000, was a total loss. The second home, also valued at about $90,000 sustained about $10,000 damage.

Four engines and a ladder truck responded to the fire.