Barbecue and pool tournament raise funds to help business after break-in

Living in a small community has its advantages. One of those advantages is that most everybody knows everybody and when someone needs help they come together and help that person or persons out.

Before the new year began, the Buena Vista Roadhouse Cafe was broken into. Their jukebox was vandalized and money was stolen from another area in the establishment.

Once news of this spread all over Facebook, it wasn't long until someone took some action. Josh and Shelly Blaylock set up a pool tournament, got Heather Curry, an awesome cook in town, to smoke some pork shoulders and make pulled pork for sandwiches to sell at the event.

Several people offered items to be raffled off as well. All the proceeds from the event went to the owners Kenneth and Cynthia Rushing.

It was a great event and there was a large turnout for the pool tournament as well as the food. Some people just stopped by to get a plate of food. There was plenty of cold beer and soda on hand for customers to enjoy.

It was amazing to see so many people rally together to help a great family in the community when they needed it. Cynthia Rushing commented, “This is overwhelming, I don't even know how to thank everybody that has helped. Ever since it has happened, it is like our business has really taken off with everyone trying to help us. There are a lot of people out of jobs right now so this really means a lot to us. Josh and Shelly Blaylock came and asked if they could hold a pool tournament to help with what was taken and this is the result of that.”

“It hasn't even started yet and there are so many people here. It looks calm outside but once you go inside it is crazy in there.” Her husband Kenneth added, “It just makes you want to cry everyday when we think about it.”

Some people came for the amazing food, some came to play pool and some came just to show a little bit of support. This establishment has been around for a long time and no one wants to see it go away. Even if you weren't able to come out on Saturday, stop by the Roadhouse sometime and visit Kenneth and Cynthia and enjoy some great food in a great atmosphere, you won't be dissappointed.