SLO County Sheriff says deputies had been to house 9 times since 2012

Two men, a father and son, were found dead in a house in rural California Valley in eastern San Luis Obispo County on Monday.

They were identified by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office as Edward Chavez Mendoza, 70, and his son, Edmundo Eduardo Mendoza Jr., 37.

Deputies were sent to the house on the 12000 block of Arrow Bear Trail, which is located northeast of Soda Lake and south of Highway 58, about 11:20 a.m. and found both men inside.
There are reports that a gun was found near the bodies.

On Tuesday, the SLO Sheriff released more details surrounding the case.

Deputies had been called to the home several times.

"This was the ninth response by the Sheriff's Office to this residence since 2012," SLO Sheriff Cmdr. Brian Hascall said. "Of these responses, four calls involved a subject with mental illness causing a disturbance. Three of these calls resulted in a subject at the house being taken into protective custody for a mental health evaluation."

There are apparently no outstanding suspects or threat to the community, he added.

The address had been registered as a legal marijuana grower in SLO County.

"At one time, this residence was one of the larger growers of cannabis in California Valley with approximately 500 plants," Haskell said.

Growing medical marijuana had been legal in SLO County for several years, but in the wake of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational use and growing of marijuana if permitted by counties or cities, SLO County Supervisors voted to ban cannabis growing starting Jan. 1., Haskell said.
The California Valley area, located just west of the Temblor Range between Highway 58 and the Carrizo Plain National Monument, was for several years the site of numerous legal marijuana grow locations.