Crash took place early Tuesday on Bitterwater Road just west of Kern County line

One person was killed and several others were injured in a vehicle accident in a remote area of the Temblor Range just outside of Kern County this morning.

Firefighters and ambulances from both Kern County and San Luis Obispo County responded to the scene of the crash in the area of Bitterwater Road and Bitterwater Valley Road just west of the Kern-San Luis Obispo County Line shortly after 6 a.m.

According to reports from the scene, one person was pronounced dead and at least four other people were injured.
Both ground and air ambulances responded to the remote accident scene.

Hall Ambulance's Medivac 1 out of Bakersfield and a California Highway Patrol helicopter both transported victims from the scene.

Bitterwater Valley Road runs southwest off Highway 46 west of Blackwell's corner in Kern County.
Bitterwater Valley runs north from Highway 58 in California Valley to Highway 46 in the Shandon area.

Check for details as they become available.