Police say suspect was fleeing after trying to steal recyclables

A Taft man was jailed Wednesday morning for trespassing on a school campus when he climbed a fence on to the playground at Parkview school while fleeing from an unsuccessful attempt to steal recyclables from a Taft Heights resident, Taft Police said.

The suspect, Michael Burra, was actually detained in A Street Park after he left the school.

Police received a call of a man climbing over the fence at Parkview School and running through the playground about 10 a.m.

While still en route, they were updated with information that the suspect had left the school and was being held at A Street Park across the street from the elementary school.

Officers arrived and arrested him.

According to a news release, officers were told that Burra was attempting to steal bags of recyclables from a house on the 500 block of B Street.

He was chased by the victim to the area of Church and A streets where he dropped the stolen times but continued to flee westbound, climbing over a fence and running through the campus.
school employees confronted him and ordered him to leave.
He refused at first, police said, leaving only after being told officers were on the way.
He made his way across the street to A Street Park where the witness caught him. Burra was turned over to officers and booked on counts of trespassing on a school campus and being a non-student refusing to leave a school campus.