City to tear it down because its unsafe and used by transients

Another old industrial structure on Supply Row is going to be torn down.

City officials say the building, most recently the Yeates Safety Valve Repair building on the 300 block of Supply Row is unsafe, not structurally sound and is being used by transients.

City Manager Craig Jones called it a "problem building"

Located on the south side of Supply Row about halfway between Second and Fourth Streets, the city-owned building has no foundation ( Jones said it is just wood on ground), and its physical integrity is questionable.

Its roof has been damaged by winds and large sheets of metal have peeled off.

The building only being used now for illegal activities, Jones said.

"It's become an attractive nuisance for the homeless and transient people to drugs and other stuff," he said.

The City is seeking bids for the demolition.

The Yeates building will go down less than a year after the city had the Sunset Oilfield Construction Building on the 500 block of Supply demolished.

It was of similar construction and had the same problems with structural integrity and use by transients.
Neither building had significant historical value, Jones said a year ago when the Sunset Construction demolition was announced.