Valued at over $225,000, 1900 Yale was once owned by famous lawman

An antique car with a unique connection to a famous lawman from America’s wild west days is in Taft for a little repair work.

It will be making an appearance at the Taft District Chamber of Commerce’s June 13 Rails to Trails Classic Car, Truck and Bike Show.

Lee Patterson, owner of Lee’s Rods and restorations, was hired to do a little fender work on a 1900 Yale.

While he was at it, Wilson said, he decided to get the car’s engine running, too
That car, according to its history, was first owed By Sheriff Pat Garrett, who is famous for killing notorious outlaw Billy the Kid in 1881.

Garrett won the car in a poker game 1900 poker game in New Mexico from the son of a car salesman, according to the history.

In any case, the 1900 Yale is a valuable antique.

Patterson estimates its value today at somewhere between $225,000 and $300,000, and said it was very expensive even in its own time.

He said the Yale sold for $1,750 in 1900, while Henry Ford’s famous Model T sold for only $400.