TC professor wants to protect constitutional rights


A Taft man is running for the California Assembly.

Taft College political science professor Harold Pease announced his candidacy last week.

A press conference to make it official was scheduled to be held Monday at the Liberty Bell monument in Bakersfield but that was cancelled by illness.

Pease is a popular speaker for conservative groups in the area.

He says his candidacy is about getting back to the basics.

“It’s about liberty,” he told the Midway Driller in an interview Friday. “We are losing our freedoms. If we don’t get back to the constitution, we are going to lose our freedoms.

Pease is running for the 32nd district seat that will be vacated next year when Jean Fuller is termed out of office.

His platform will be based on four issues – limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and sensitivity to the constitution.

“All I want to do is get back to our founding father’s ideals. I just want to get back to the constitution,” he said.

Pease has addressed large Tea Party rallies both in Bakersfield and in Tulare, speaking to several thousand members of the grassroots movement that is speaking against increased taxes and government spending.

Pease said the Tea party leadership has encouraged him to run for office.