Resignation effective on Jan. 1. Chamber board forms committee to find replacement


Randy Miller has resigned as executive director of the Taft District Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Board President Orchel Krier said.

Krier said the resignation will be effective on Jan. 1.

Miller became executive director earlier this year when Charmayne Brooks resigned.

Krier said the chamber board of directors has appointed a five-member team to search for and select a new executive director.

Miller notifed the chamber membership this afternoon in a letter that reads as follows:

Hi all,
  I have submitted my resignation as your executive director to the board of directors this morning effective Jan 1, 2009 or unless my replacement is found sooner. This is strictly a personal decision on my part and has nothing to do with people, personalities, or money. I find that I simply need a rest for my mental and physical health after 30 yrs of community service. I have extended myself one too many times and it is catching up with me.
 If you remember, I was only going to work 2 days a week and job share with Charmayne when I retired from the County 14 months ago. It just hasn’t worked out that way. My retirement needs to retire. I need to re-energize myself and retrench. Again, this is my own personal decision. When my wife asks me if I’ll be home tonite because of all the meetings I attend, then it is time for me to slow it down. I had a little health issue this summer that made me rethink my priorities, and that is what I have done. If you haven’t gotten a colonoscopy, get one.
 We still have a fishing derby, a parade, and a monthly newsletter to put out. Any assistance you can give to the Chamber will be gratefully appreciated. With Oildorado around the corner there will be plenty for the Chamber to do next year.
I want to thank everyone for the support they have shown me for the time I have been here. I wish I could have done more. It is your Chamber and it needs your support. The Chamber does important work and deserves your best efforts no matter who sits in the chair here. Thanks for all that you do to make “Taft the Best of Places --- to work, live, learn, and play”.