There's not enough vaccine to go around. People come from Bakersfield seeking shots here

 There were more people seeking protection from the swine flu than there were shots to go around Thursday in Taft.

About 350 people were already in line for H1N1 vaccines when the Kern County Department of Public Health clinic opened at 2 p.m., but there were only 300 doses to administer.

All those dosages were reserved for people deemed to be at high risk to the effects of the swine flu – people with chronic illness, caregivers and children.

It was a similar scene to ones that played out the day before in Bakersfield and other areas of the county.

Some Taft residents showed up more than four hours before the clinic started.

Jan Armstrong was one of the early arrivals. She got here early to make sure she got her vaccine.

“I’ve got asthma real bad and I really need a shot,” she said
Cynthia Morse was first in line.

She said she watched the news coverage last night of the long lines and people being turned away yesterday in Bakersfield
“I’m afraid people from Bakersfield and other areas are going to come over and get their shots here,” she said.

She was right.

Luci Sagar came from Bakersfield with her two sons, Zachary, 3, and Joshua, 11/2 to get their shots here.

“I thought it would be less crowded here,” she said about 1 p.m. when 200 people had already line up at the county building on North Lincoln.

Brian and Tina Hawley brought their two grandchildren from Bakersfield.

“You just can’t get into a clinic in Bakersfield,” Brian said. “We tried two different clinics yesterday.”

Supervising Public Health Nurse Jane Yadon said more vaccine is coming.

“We are anticipating that the supply of vaccine should improve in the coming weeks,” Yadon said.

Sometime in the future there may be enough vaccine for everyone.

“We are hoping to get to that point,” Yadon said. “However now they have to meet specific criteria.”