Games from Monday and Tuesday

Monday, Oct. 26

Durham Bulls 24, Chilled&Grilled 2

Chase Blackwood had 2 home runs while Clint Jorgenson, Fernando Romo, Terrance Howell and Keith Stearman each had 3 home runs.

Chilled &Grilled-Billy Pilgrim had three hits in the game.

Ballers 13, Misfits 12

Ballers-Tommy Halphin had a two run walk off double in the last inning. Halphin also went 4-for-4. Gio Flores had three hits and three runs in the game. 

Misfits-Aaron Brochavich had 3 hits including a home run. Gary Moch had a triple and a home run.


Tumbleweeds 16, Misfits 13

Tumbleweeds-Ryan Matilla had a walk of grand slam

Ballers 23, Chilled &Grilled 5

James Donnelly had 4 hits and 4 runs in the game.

Swing & Miss 24, Durham Bulls 13

Derrick Furman had 2 home runs while Pablo Montoya had 1.

Durham Bulls 33, Ballers 11

Misfits 23, Swing & Miss 17

Misfits scored 16 runs in last two innings.

Tumbleweeds 19, Ballers 4

RJ Plunkett hit 2 triples and a double.