Poem reflects on birth of Christ at Christmas and what the world would be like without Christ.

This poem was submitted by Dr. Harold Pease.

The “inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” should belong every bit as much to those one from birth as to those one day after.  We annually exterminate 1.3 million of our young in this country alone.  What follows is a beautiful poem written by Mrs. Mary Santomauro, entitled “If Mary Had Said No.”  Can you imagine a world without Christ or Christmas?



She was a young Israelie girl

Living with her mother, Anne,

Thrilled that Joseph, House of David,

Sought her daughter’s hand.

Anne was happy for she felt

She had not long to live.

Joseph would be good to her,

A happy life to Mary give.


The betrothal was announced

To family and all friends,

The preparations had been made,

Soon wedding vows would blend.


But then a strange thing happened

One day as Mary prayed,

Gabriel stood by her and spoke

“Hail, full of grace…” he said,


Then, “…the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women.”

And he told her even more

She would bear a son, this omen.


She wondered at his greeting words,

She knew no man.  How could this be?

“The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee;”

“…the power…Most High…overshadow thee;…”


This young Israelie girl then spoke,

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord;”

She accepted what God had asked,

“…be it done…according to Thy word.”




We all know as a direct result

A blessed babe was born

And laid within a manger

Upon a blessed morn.


For thirty-odd years, Emmanuel,

Then we put Him to scorn,

Crucified Him on a cross

And all man’s sins we borne


By One Who could repair

The wrongs that man had done

And once again restore to each

Adopted daughter, son.


Since that time more have died

Willingly for His name.

In every age, from every land,

Sprung martyrs, they came.


Christians, they have long been called,

Followers of the Holy One,

Living what He taught and lived

That triumph over death be won.


Many people since that time

Fought great evils to live as He

Carrying the flame of Eternal Truth,

Heads bowed, on bended knee.


But what if Mary had said “No!”?

Suppose that she had then

Told God, “It’s not convenient,

Can’t afford the stipend.”


She might have said, “There’s no way!

Everyone will talk!

I don’t want to have a child.”

Today would any blame her balk?


But if she had, chances are

The world would long be gone

And none of us would be here

To chose the right or wrong.


Long before we ever arrived

The world would have become

A more sophisticated people,

Fewer, hedonistic, every one.


There would be no call to peace,

No inalienable rights assumed,

The mighty would gobble up the weak,

No intercessions for the doomed.



Entire nations would disappear,

Progeny ripped asunder

For within their very bodies

Sprang no new lives to encumber.


Pretty soon God would call off the world

Knowing we would never change.

Why put up with us any more,

This people of such evil-arrange?


One thing, though, we’d have no need

To make decisions we now do…

To kill each other, do as we want,

Live our life and abort anew!


But Mary didn’t do that.

Not a wail of complaint was wrung.

“Behold, the Handmaid of the Lord.”

For this Jesus Christ was sprung!


Thank you, Mary Santomauro, for reminding us of the sanctity of every life.  May we never forget.