Linder says KernCOG allocates $300,000 for more work on Sixth

 Just as one street repair project gets underway, the city of Taft received funding for another one.

Both projects will repair sections on Sixth Street, one of the most heavily traveled and bumpiest streets in the city.

Kern County is also getting money to work on Harrison street in conjunction with the Sixth Street project.

The top two inches of the road surface will be removed and replaced

Works is underway on the section between Warren and Kern Streets and traffic is limited to one lane in both directions.

Thursday night, the Kern Council of Governments gave the city another $300,000 in federal stimulus money to fund a second repair project.

City Councilman Paul Linder, Taft’s representative and vice chair of the KernCOG Board of Directors, said the city will get the funding in large part because city staff already has the second phase of the Sixth Street project ready to go.

The second phase of the project will put a new surface on the street from Warren Street north to Ash.

Linder said city staff should get credit for getting the KernCOG funds

“Taft should be able to continue with the Sixth Street project because of the hard work of our staff being prepared to (go) forward with the project,” Linder said.

Other cities wanted funding for projects but those weren’t ready to go like Taft’s, Linder said

Taft and Kern County’s smaller cities got shares of $35 million in the next round of federal stimulus money coming to Kern County after a lengthy discussion at Thursday’s monthly meeting of the KernCOG directors.

Linder said the largest share of the money -- $22 million – would go for the Westside Parkway in Bakersfield, a project that to ease congestion on surface streets in southwest Bakersfield.

Originally, that project was going to get even more of the $35 million, Linder said, and Ridgecrest was getting $6.2 million for a project on Ridgecrest Boulevard.

However, after a long discussion of several options, a fourth proposal was accepted as the best by the board.

The Bakersfield Parkway project still gets nearly two-thirds of the money, but more money was allocated to projects in the smaller cities.

Linder said the board approved the following funding for projects:

•Bakersfield will receive $22 million for the Westside Parkway and street repairs.

•Kern County will receive $6 million for Lerdo Hwy, 7th Standard, and Mil Potrero Highway and Harrison Street.

•Ridgecrest will receive $4 million for Ridgecrest Blvd.

•Tehachapi will receive $1.1 million for Challenger Drive.

•Wasco will receive $800,000 for Poso Drive.

•California City will receive $700,000 for Neuralia Road.

•Taft will receive $300,000 for Sixth Street.

Linder said that Bakersfield was actually very supportive of the plan to take money from the Westside Parkway and give it to the smaller cities.