All types of performers invited to try out for pilot project Saturday at Chroma Teleproductions

Auditions will be held all day on Saturday, May 22at Chroma Teleproduction’s studio located at 407 ½ Center Street.  All ages, types and performers are invited to audition.  Please prepare a 30 second monologue, song, or dance that best showcases your ability and has something to say about you as an artist.  If your talent is musically related, please be prepared to perform/play the entire song, though initially only a 30 second selection will be viewed.

Audition schedule for the Untitled Ainsworth Project will be held according to age range:

Age                                    Time

6-9                                    9:30-10:00

10-13                           10:00-11:00

14-18                           11:00-12:00

19-25                            12:00-1:00

Lunch Break                1:00-2:00

26-35                             2:00-3:00

36-45                             3:00-4:00

45-55                             4:00-5:00

56 and above                         5:00-6:00

If you cannot make your time slot due to other commitments, feel free to come at another time, preferably close to your playable age range.  Depending on the number of people auditioning, time slots may likely shift forward or backward by half an hour, as necessitated by the process.  We have created a schedule to best accommodate everyone, though please remain flexible.

Filming is slated to begin in June, with anticipated shoot dates TBD.  Production will run on Saturdays.