Boyfriend proposes in a dramatic gesture at college commencement

Graduation is always a special occasion, but for one graduate at Friday night's 85th Taft College Commencement exercise it is one she will remember forever.

Jennifer Lujan not only got a diploma, she got an engagement ring.

Her boyfriend, Andy Cemo, found a special way to propose to her.

As Lujan received her diploma, a group of signs went up in the stands at Martin Memorial Stadium with the words “JENN LUJAN WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Lujan's first reaction was, “Oh My God!”

Beyond agreeing to marry Cemo, Lujan was at a loss for words.

“I didn't know whether to go back to my seat or run up into the stands,” she said.

Cemo met her halfway.

She met Cemo at the foot of the stands and he dropped to a knee to officially pop the question.

She said yes, and he slipped an engagement ring on her finger.

The couple has been dating for 2-1/2 years.

They met at a bar in Bakersfield, but Lujan turned Cemo down when they first met.

“She said I was too short,” he said.

But he saw her again a year and a half later, and this time he got her name and phone number.

They started dating .

“We have been together almost every day since that night,” Cemo said.

He said the proposal idea came from his mother, Lynette Cemo.

Lujan received her AS degree at the commencement exercises and will be coming back to TC or two more years. She was just accepted into the TC dental hygiene program.